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with just one simple Kit

Our beans are roasted locally and freshly ground in small batches to ensure quality.

With just a Cold Brew Kit, you can concoct your own coffee to your preference, be it - cold brew concentrate to last you for the work week, vegan cold brew options using nut, soy or oat milk, spiced coffee & more.

The possibilities are endless! 


There are just 3 simple things to take note:

1. Steeping duration

The longer you steep your coffee, the stronger it gets. We recommend steeping it up to 24 hours to produce a strong concentrate that you can portion out to dilute with, to last you multiple cups.

2. Amount of liquid

The amount of liquid shouldn't go below 300ml. To produce a stronger and bolder coffee that does not taste murky by steeping for long hours, fill the kit up to the 300ml mark and steep it for at least 10 hours.

3. Type of liquid

You can play around and experiment brewing with different type of liquids. We recommend brewing with Hokkaido Milk up to 10 hours to produce a creamy milk coffee or brewing directly with water into a concentrate, which allows you to portion and dilute it with other different types of liquids to get your money's worth For instance, you can create a fizzy coffee mocktail by mixing soda water, orange juice, orange zest, honey and coffee concentrate. Play around with the proportions of concentrate and liquid you want to dilute with to create the optimal taste that you want to achieve.

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